Beers and Ciders

Wild beer wildebeest Stout, Somerset 11%


Beer is not just meant for refreshment. Some beers can be ideal for contemplation and speculation. Such a beer is Wildebeest, our Imperial Espresso Chocolate Vanilla Stout, summoned into exsitence not only from pale and dark malts, but also highest quality roasted Columbian coffee beans. This produces a rich, elegant, creamy, soothing confection of aromas and flavours that can only improve with times. We would describe it as a dessert in a glass

The Kernel export, Stout, London,  7.1%


Complex, luscious imperial stout, from one of the finest breweries in the UK

Beaver town gamma ray (can) American Pale Ale, London, 5.4%


Magnum, Columbus, Bravo and Amarillo hop varieties are added in ever increasing volumes during the brewing porcess give Gamma Ray its big flavours and aromas.

Samuel smiths, Pure Brew Larger, 5%


An amalgamation of Smith’s Pure Brewed Organic lagers into one. Smooth and grainy, very good quality

Kwak, Belgian Ale, 8.4%


Fabulous coppery Belgian Ale, hints of liquorice and leather on the nose, a full slightly sweet palate and a long sotly spicy finish

The kernal table beer, Pale Ale, London 3.2%


The kernal set a new benchmark in lower strenght beers – lovely full mouthfeel, lots of luscious tropical fruit hop character, long fruity finish with a good bitterness persisting. Superb, a real game-changer.

Xativa er boqueron, Pale Ale, spain, 4.8%


A surprisingly robust and earthy pale golden ale from Spanish craft brewery Cervesa Artesanal de Xativa, in the province of Valencia. Its unique selling point is that it is made with sea water – don’t worry, it’s not salty, but there is an unmistakable waft of the sea beneath the firm malt body and crunchy hop finish.

Dead Pony Club, Pale ale Scottish 3.8%


A very loud, very hop driven beer, this imaginatively named creation packs a big hoppy punch. It’s all about the hops, and the blend of three (Simcoe, Citra and HBC) ensure that there’s enough depth of flavour to keep you interested.

Brugse zot blonde, abbey ale, Belgian 6%


An amalgamation of Smith’s Pure Brewed Organic lagers into one. Smooth and grainy, very good quality

Fourpure Pilsner, London 4.7%


Take on a traditional German Pilsner. Hopped with a blend of Hallertauer and Saaz and fermented with a classic Bavarian yeast

Founders brewing co, Porter, American, 6.5%


Pours silky black with a creamy tan head. The nose is sweet with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence. No absence of hops gives Founders robust porter the full flavour you’d expect

Piston Head, Pale Lager, Sweden 4.6%


Straw golden colour with a malty nose and a hint of dark load. A full bodied malt flavour with a balanced and distinct bitterness

Brooklyn, Pale Lager, American 5.1%


Delicious, dry, full-flavoured, aromativally hopped lager

Einstok, Pale Ale, Iceland 5.6%


Three kinds of hops combine with pure Icelandic water to create this Pale ale, where robust flavour meets smooth malt. Mild, slight toffee, geneoru hop aroma and flavour from the late hop addition.

La Chouffe, Golden Ale, Belgium 8.0%


A golden ale with a hazy appearence and fruity aroma. It is medium bodied and effervescent with a sweet herbal bitter taste, fruity spicy hoppy flavour and a lingering dry aftertaste.

Thistly cross traditional, cider Scottish 7.2%


Bright golden colour with armos of ripe apples. Soft mouthfeel and low acdity with a refreshing fruity finish. Very easy to drink, a real thirst quencher and great session material – to be drunk on a night out. Gently sparkling.

Thistly cross strawberry, cider, Scottish 4.0%


So many juicy, hand-picked strawberries packed into one glass! An outstandingly drinkable premium fruit cider that has all the natural flavours of soft fruit: fresh strawberries with a little apple zing. Far superior to commercial fruit ciders